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Secretariat inspired and touched so many of us! He exhibited heart, courage, the will to win, and stood for all things good in our sport. Pure and noble, he remains a hero to new and old fans alike. We welcome you to leave your comments in this public guestbook so we can share your thoughts and memories with other visitors.

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Ergin UlutasErgin Ulutas wrote on March 5, 2017 on 2:01 pm:
Dear Ms Chenery,
You are the living legend of horse racing, I will never forget your passion and your celebration of Secretariat's Belmont stakes victory. We love you, have a happy and healthy life, greetings from Istanbul.
John AdessiJohn Adessi wrote on March 1, 2017 on 2:20 pm:
I'm a new member hoping to be around for a long time. I'm an artist specializing in Thoroughbreds. Belated happy birthday Ms. Chenery. I do have your autograph on my print of Secretariat sent with others for a fund raiser. Thank you.
KENNETH R. WILDINKENNETH R. WILDIN wrote on February 27, 2017 on 10:26 pm:
Alain ValadeAlain Valade wrote on February 20, 2017 on 7:04 pm:
At Dwyer Stakes in 1920 Man O`War made a record of 1:49:20 but Grey Lag fought it immediately next year with 1:49:00 . Conclusion : Man O`War has 7 records in his career and Secretariat ``only``5 , BUT the quality of his records are so much better because 4 ( or 5 ? ) of them still stand up !!!
Deborah DavisDeborah Davis wrote on February 15, 2017 on 9:53 pm:
A happy birthday wish to Mr. Bill Nack. Your narratives have been some of my best hours spent on line when first discovering what the internet had to offer. I hope you are feeling better than in recent years. I do miss your storied introduction to the T.V. coverage of the Kentucky Derby. Please be well. I must say the fact that you carried a picture of Swaps in your wallet has made a full circle because of Art Sherman. You rejuvenated Swaps's career, for most readers over 40, with your book. Art Sherman added life to his memory and in some way has kept the wick burning for Swaps. You must feel darn content that your story telling has made a difference to more than originally expected. Swaps lives on. Because of you and a purchase from this website I carry the B/W of Secretariat at Belmont. Every chance I get I share the reason why I keep the photo. Thanks for putting words to deserving paper. Take care.
Deborah DavisDeborah Davis wrote on February 15, 2017 on 9:19 pm:
Happy Belated Birthday first and foremost to Ms Chenery. You are one of the greats, included with the men, at promoting this sport. Your devotion to your father and his dream and to second chances are what make life richer. Yours and ours. Thank you for all you do. Leave it to you to continue on with tangible ideas to contribute to the thoroughbred industry. Thank you for knowing how to be viable at every age. You are a remarkable woman! Happy Birthday......
Trinidad  ArredondoTrinidad Arredondo wrote on February 5, 2017 on 9:10 am:
Many blessings to you , Ms.Penny !!!
and many are the Queen !!!!
juliejulie wrote on February 4, 2017 on 12:20 am:
the best horse ive every seen
RickRick wrote on February 1, 2017 on 12:43 pm:
February 4, 2017...Happy 76th birthday to you Bill Nack. Your eloquent words allowed us all to marvel at the extraordinary events that occurred in the world of thoroughbred horse racing during the years of 1972 & 1973. You brought the wonderful story of Secretariat and his phenomenal connections to life so the entire world could share their glory. I have always agreed with you Bill when you said right after Secretariat's amazing 1973 Belmont victory, "We will never see this again!" You were right then and those words are still so true today. Here's wishing you a great year to come.
Gloria PurvisGloria Purvis wrote on January 31, 2017 on 7:02 pm:
Happy Birthday to a truly great lady. And a special thanks for sharing your wonderful horse Secretariat with the world. You are certainly one of kind. We love you so much for all you have done for all of the other race horses too. We love you great lady. From a Secretariat in Maryland
Patty VancePatty Vance wrote on January 30, 2017 on 12:35 pm:
Dear Penny, Wishing you a Happy 95th Birthday!! I hope your day is as special as you & your incredible Secretariat!!!
GloriaGloria wrote on January 30, 2017 on 1:58 am:
Happy Birthday to an incredible woman!
Thanks so much for all you have done for the sport and for keeping Secretariat's legacy alive!

Secretariat got me through my mom's last illness. Watching the Belmont just stirred in me a lot of courage, which I referred to as "my inner Secretariat."

Stay are a beacon of inspiration....
RickRick wrote on January 30, 2017 on 12:24 am:
January 29, 2007. It is hard to believe that a decade has gone by since the untimely death of the 2006 Kentucky Derby Champion Barbaro! Peace be with you...and may your spirit always run wild and free!
RickRick wrote on January 30, 2017 on 12:04 am:
To the luckiest of ladies...who may have lost the coin toss but still won the big prize...let the spirits of both Riva Ridge and Secretariat rejoice with all of us that love and admire you in wishing you a joyous 95th birthday.
Debbie JeffriesDebbie Jeffries wrote on January 29, 2017 on 11:16 pm:
Happy Birthday to Wonderful lady. You are Amazing. Thank you for Secretariat and all you did for horse racing.
Michelle RyanMichelle Ryan wrote on January 29, 2017 on 7:31 pm:
Dear lady, I am wishing you a very happy birthday. Best wishes always from a Nebraska Secretariat fan!
Bobby BulgerBobby Bulger wrote on January 28, 2017 on 7:44 pm:
Wishing a very special person a happy birthday today. And as we celebrate your life and all the smiles you brought to us by bringing Secretariat into our lives and sharing him with us all, I want to say thank you! Thank you for being you. Without You, the story would never have been quite as sweet. So I wish you a wonderful birthday and many blessings on your special day. Thank you Penny ❤
Donna LakeDonna Lake wrote on January 28, 2017 on 12:39 pm:
I've been a fan of Secretariat since his racing career started. Still get goose-bumps when I watch his races, especially the Belmont win Also want to take this time to wish Miss Penny a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You share a birthday with my mother, Grace Davis.
Billie Murphy Sumrell-FultonBillie Murphy Sumrell-Fulton wrote on January 28, 2017 on 11:58 am:
Happy Birthday Penny. So admire you and your gumption and knowledge.
Kathy MatriousKathy Matrious wrote on January 28, 2017 on 8:29 am:
Penny , I wish you the happiest birthday. You truly were blessed with a great Horse. What a great woman you are.!


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