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Writer’s Forum is proud to present the Writer’s Forum section. Writer’s Forum consists of periodic articles from some of America’s foremost racing writers covering a diverse range variety of topics relating to Secretariat. Our newest installment of the Writer’s Forum is a treasured throwback from the Secretariat Archives scrapbook courtesy of Newsweek magazine featuring the legendary work of sports journalist Pete Axthelm. The renowned article was originally published just prior to the Belmont Stakes in the midst of Secretariat’s 1973 Triple Crown quest.


By Pete Axthelm

“The Thoroughbreds, were shadowy, almost indistinguishable figures in the morning mist as they galloped around Belmont Park’s sweeping clubhouse turn, their nostrils flaring and snorting, their hooves slapping rhythmically against the wet sand of the racetrack. Along the outer rail, a knot of veteran trainers watched the workouts, clicking stopwatches and speaking laconically. Then, suddenly, the conversation ceased and the morning routine was momentarily suspended, all eyes drawn to the proud, animated chestnut colt that was striding onto the track. “The big horse,” someone said. Needless words: no horseman has to be reminded when he is in the commanding presence of a racehorse as rare and brilliant as Secretariat…..”

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