The Secretariat Foundation was created by Mrs. Penny Chenery to serve as a non-profit charitable organization within the Thoroughbred and equine-related industries. Long a supporter of many charities and research programs, Mrs. Chenery named the Foundation after her great champion with a specific purpose – to use Secretariat’s enduring appeal to bring greater awareness to the many causes that help horses and the people who care for them.

The mission of the Secretariat Foundation is to assist and support various charities and organizations that meet the Thoroughbred racing community’s needs including:

  • Veterinary research into lameness of the horse
  • Thoroughbred retirement and rehabilitation facilities
  • Therapeutic equestrian programs
  • General funding for related established charitable programs

By joining under the banner of Secretariat’s incredible legacy, the Secretariat Foundation will work to enhance the welfare of the Thoroughbred community. By achieving this, the Secretariat Foundation will enrich the racing industry, promoting the same level of excellence embodied by Big Red’s stellar career within the sport he defined.


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