Secretariat Celebrating 20 Years Celebrating 20 Years


Twenty years ago this week, was launched as the champ’s official website — the first site ever solely devoted to a racehorse. Throughout each and every one of the ensuing years, we have had the pleasure and privilege to represent Big Red, as Penny Chenery entrusted us, in an effort to fulfill the common goal of sharing the Secretariat story and sparking new interest in the sport of racing. Please know that it is only because of you — his loyal fans and followers — that his legacy continues to grow. With each anecdote or accomplishment you hear and retell, with each product you purchase, with each event you attend, you become a vital part of this ongoing Secretariat phenomenon, introducing him to new generations of fans and perpetuating his lasting impact.

In a time when attention is often fleeting, reliability can be elusive, and businesses come and go, we are proud to have remained available to Secretariat lovers, even maintaining our same Louisville base for the entirety of two decades. As Ms. Chenery initially envisioned, is now widely recognized as a familiar presence and platform to reach and be reached by devoted racing fans across the globe. We will always be grateful for the opportunity to meet the many friends we have made along the way, and share in the love and affection you have bestowed upon this magnificent horse over the years. As we move towards the landmark celebration of the 50th anniversary of Secretariat’s glorious 1973 Triple Crown, rest assured we will continue to do our best to serve, entertain, and inspire you. Keep the Big Red flame burning!

~ The Team


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