Secretariat Still Making Headlines

Secretariat Still Making Headlines 50 Years after Triple Crown

Fifty years since Secretariat’s historic Triple Crown achievements, his impact on sports still reverberates and inspires. Enjoy some of our favorite recent national and local media pieces recognizing the 50th Anniversary of Secretariat’s 1973 Triple Crown, and his enduring legacy:



Secretariat and His Enduring Legend 50 Years Later, narrated by Tim Layden
NBC Sports. 3:22 video. May 2023

Secretariat and the Fate of Greatness, featuring Tom Brady
NBC Sports. 2:59 video. May 6, 2023

Ron Turcotte’s experience of being Secretariat’s jockey
FOX Sports. 5:45 video. June 10, 2023

Being Secretariat’s Jockey: Ron Turcotte
World Horse Racing. 3:08 video. May 2023

Eddie Sweat & Secretariat: The Unbreakable Bond Behind the Legendary Racehorse
Excerpt from new edition of Ray Woolfe book. 3:46 video with photos. April 2023

Secretariat’s Legend Rolls on Like, Well, a Tremendous Machine
New York Times. June 10, 2023

Here’s Something Most Racing Fans Agree On: 50 years Later, Secretariat is Still the GOAT
New York Times. May 6, 2023

The History of Secretariat: The Unstoppable Horse that Set Unbeaten Records
FOX Sports. June 9, 2023

Secretariat at 50: How the Big Red Five Have Kept the Story Alive
NBC Sports. May 19, 2023

The BloodHorse
Series of articles commemorating the 50th anniversary of Secretariat’s Triple Crown, including:
They Were There to Share Secretariat’s Day of Days. June 9, 2023
Rivals Had a Different View of Secretariat’s Belmont. June 7, 2023
Johnson’s Call of Secretariat’s Belmont Reflects Era. June 6, 2023



Secretariat’s Lasting Impact
WHAS News. 11 8:02 video. May 2023

Secretariat’s Impact 50 Years Later
WKYT News. 3:07 video. May 5, 2023 – Kentucky Derby preview includes interview with Claiborne Farm’s Seth Hancock

There’s Only One Secretariat | The American Phenomenon Forever Deemed a Superhorse
WDRB News. 4:14 video. May 2023, including interview with John Tweedy

‘America’s Horse’: Kentucky Derby Museum Unveils Secretariat Exhibit on 50th Anniversary
FOX56 News. 3:20 video. May 5, 2023

The Richmond Times-Dispatch celebrated the 50th anniversary of Secretariat’s Triple Crown with a series of stories, videos, archival photos, and interviews with Kate Chenery Tweedy


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